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Empire Magnetic Digital Box Level

Multiple Options Available
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$121.10 to $269.10

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Empire Magnetic Digital Box Level


  • Inspector Mode
  • 7 Measuring Modes
    • Precision Modes
      • Degree, Tenths (1.1°)
      • Degree, Hundredths (1.15°)
      • mm/m (104.17 mm/m)
      • Percentage (2%)
    • Rough-In Modes
      • Degree (1°)
      • in/ft, Fractional (1/4 in/ft)
      • in/ft, Decimal (.25 in/ft)
  • Dust and Water Protected (IP65)
  • 4 Power Save Modes:
    • 15 minute
    • 30 minute
    • 1 hour
    • 2 hour
  • Tilt Indicator
  • Digital Display Sync-able to Vial
  • Precision Milled Edges
  • Surface Grippers
  • High Contrast e-BAND Solid Block Acrylic Vials
  • Protective Case Included

Available Options:

  • 24 Inch: 495-EM105.24
  • 48 Inch: 495-EM105.48

The Empire Magnetic Digital Box Level is designed for those who want to make sure the job is done right the first time. The level will let you take the measure of nearly any surface at any angle with a top-read digital display, an inverted overhead display, and the main display. The powerful rare earth magnets allow this level to adhere to most metallic surfaces. The main display allows you to select from seven display modes that can give you precise or rough measurements. With four different power-saving modes, this level gives you accurate measurements time and time again. The precision milled edges are capped with shock-absorbing removable endcaps. While the digital features are nice the made in America high contrast eBAND solid block acrylic vials make for reliable quick leveling checks.

Manufacturer: Empire Level