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Jameson Slip Hook

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Jameson Slip Hook


  • Designed to protect ADSS cable and other jacketed fiber during installation
  • Ideal for use with jacketed cables 2" or less in diameter and loads that don't exceed 1600 lbs
  • Spring-loaded cable guard (patented) eliminates delays caused by cable and pull tape derailing
  • Lift hoist swivels 360 degrees and rotates 180 degrees for unrestricted mounting and maneuverability
  • The 2-inch opening allows pulling grips to pass through easily
  • Easy latching mechanism for single-handed operation
  • High strength, the impact-resistant unit is more durable than aluminum
  • Chemical, UV, corrosion-resistant construction for longer life
  • Electrically insulated
  • Self-levels
  • Weighs 40% less than the lightest aluminum model

Slip Hook is an accessory to be used with either the 8-inch or 24-inch Aerial Buddy fiber install sheave. 

Width: 7"
Height (Generic): 0.5"
Length: 4"
Manufacturer: Jameson
Warranty?: Limited Lifetime