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Thern 1000 Pound Spur Gear Hand Winch

Multiple Options Available
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$405.00 to $1,025.00

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Thern 1000 Pound Spur Gear Hand Winch


  • Adjustable handle
  • Welded steel drum
  • Solid steel machine-cut gears
  • Gear gaurds
  • Quick-disconnect anchor
  • Automatic Weston-style brake

Available Options:

  • Narrow Drum | TH-M4022PB
    • Capacity: 130' wire rope
    • Force to lift 1k: 41 pounds
  • Wide Drum | TH-M4032PB
    • Capacity: 250' wire rope
    • Force to lift 1k: 41 pounds
  • Stainless Steel | TH-M4042PBSS
    • Capacity: 240' wire rope
    • Force to lift 1k: 46 pounds

The Thern 1000 Pound Spur Gear Hand Winch is designed and manufactured to be the most reliable, durable, and versatile solution for lifting, lowering, and positioning loads in many applications. With the standard heavy-duty steel construction coming with a clear zinc-coated finish to reduce corrosion on the precision-cut steel gears. The bronze bushings and radial ball bearings deliver rugged-duty and reliable service that you know you can count on. The adjustable handle provides the user the ability to increase mechanical advantage or speed since load weights can deviate. The composite gear guards protect the encased gears from debris while also protecting users from getting a finger caught in the gears. The automatic Weston-style brake is spring-engaged, the ratchet-pawl design offers additional reliability and positive load control. The durable friction discs reduce wear and increase service life. The quick-disconnect anchor provides a quick and easy replacement for a wire rope.

Manufacturer: Thern